About Us

Mamada Development Institute (e KHADA) has been established as a focal point for our community and to assist and direct our communities to pathways that have many direct and real benefits. The program has been designed through education to deliver both advice and qualifications linked to job outcomes in a variety of ways. We have developed a number of options in terms of qualifications available and will continue to expand on this as time goes by. We will be able to offer the community career pathways that suit the individual and not have you pigeon holed into unsuitable courses that are of no benefit to you in the short and long term. KHADA will be offering you counselling on both availability and suitability of your chosen or aspired to goals.

We have begun to bring the entire community together to enable us to have a unified approach to our task. We have the backing and support of the Multicultural Commission in Victoria and have experienced and respected community leaders actively supporting our initiative.

Our community’s youth will be the prime beneficiaries of the program as we attempt to deliver self respect,job outcomes and a breaking down of the barriers we encounter in progressing our lives. We have established relationships with Educators,Employer Groups,Sports Facilitators and relevant government bodies,what we now need is your support,encouragement and involvement, to create momentum and begin to deliver to you outcomes befitting your ambitions and talents.