Following from our recent posting regarding students being banned from gathering groups of more than three, we have had an extraordinary reaction from the community regarding this draconian action. Should you have any instances at this practice taking place, please refer to us details of the experience
Mamada feels that this action is a step too far in continuing to isolate and demonise our community in the eyes of the general public.

(High School students casually hanging out)


Mamada encourages continued participation by our community in all matters that enhance the educational and career prospects of our youth. It must be recognized that problems highlighted are generally carried out by a tiny minority of our community and it is up to all of us to discourage the perpetrators from continuing these practices.
The content we show daily on this page contains so many positive aspects of our life in Australia all achieved without losing our unique cultural identity
Mamada aims to continue to be an advocate for this integration.

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